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The Hair Flex precision styling tool makes creating a wide variety of hair styles easier by acting as multiple styling tools in one. The secret is the flexible hinge that runs down the center of the brush. This special hinge allows the brush to be flexed open, closed, or even kept flat to perform a wide variety of styling functions. It's the perfect tool to make any hair type look great!

  • Add waves or curls
  • Straighten and detangle
  • Scrunch, spike or add volume
  • Adjusts for several uses
  • One of a kind Air Flow net for blow drying
  • Unique Elastomier massage bristles for gentle detangling
girls hair with hairflex brush
george caroll working with a womans' hair

"While working in my studio style salon and with major motion picture studios, I realized the need for a flexible styling brush that could work with all hair types, and accomplish a wide variety of hair styles. So out of that need, I designed the Hair Flex all-in-one Flexible Styling Brush."

- George Caroll
Beauty expert and Hair Flex inventor
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