George Caroll : Hollywood Hairstylist, TV Personality, HairFlex Inventor
George Caroll is an internationally acclaimed beauty expert and consultant to the entertainment and beauty industry whose corporate clients have included such industry giants as Redken, Clairol, L'Oreal, and Revlon. His hair expertise is sought after in Europe and Canada as well as the United States where he appears regularly on television.

Hollywood Hair Styling Studio

For more than 30 years, George has created innovative personal care products, appliances and accessories, many of which were designed in his "hair styling studio", located in North Hollywood, California. There, he and his talented staff style and advise clients from the entertainment industry.

TV Appearances
George has used television as a medium to spread his great ideas and products since very early on in his career. After creating hairstyles for the early Star Trek TV series, George went on to develop several unique products that he continuously promotes on talk and morning shows around the country. In addition, he has appeared on home shopping shows in Europe, Canada, and of course at home in the US.

George is currently making the rounds on morning talk shows with one of his most unique creations, the Hair Flex styling brush!

George in a recent TV appearance for ABC Utah

George on the Home Shopping Network

George in an early TV appearance with Regis Philbin. He was a
regular guest on AM Los Angeles during the time that Regis
hosted the show.

The Science Of Healthy Hair
George was first to analyze hair in his salon using a custom microscope with Polaroid film and polarized technology. From this early imperial research George designed and developed the first protein hair care system that actually strengthens the hair fiber.

Men's & Women's Hair Styling
George Caroll is credited with introducing men to hair care, color and styling concepts, and freeing women from the restraints of weekly salon visits with his "wash n wear" hair shaping technique. George's was one of the first so called "Unisex Salons" in the United States. Today his type of care free styling for men and women is popular worldwide. Seeing the life style change coming in the early 70's , using custom designed "Surgical Scissors" and his unique hair shaping technique, George utilized each individual's unique growth patterns and characteristic ( wave, curl and structure), to design a hair style that holds it's shape and all most combs itself. His hair styling technique is used by professionals around the world today.

Style A Thon St Jude Children's Research Hospital
George organized the first national Style A Thon. Together with many good hearted hair stylist across America, the St Jude Style-A-Thon raised over 1 million dollars to help Danny Thomas and the hospital fight childhood Leukemia. Today hair stylist like George are donating their time for local and national concerns.

Pola Art, Creative Polaroid Art
In his spare time, George creates Polaroid Portraits of unusual complexity inspired from everyday objects, which he calls Pola Art (Creative Polaroid Art). His unique Polaroid photo art has become a valued part of many collections around the world. Regis Philbin, and early admirer of his work, gave George his nick name, Captain Polaroid.

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