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"Dear George,
I would like to order two additional Hair Flex Styling Brushes. This is the most incredible brush I've ever owned. I couldn't live without it. I originally saw this product on your TV info-mercial. I rarely order anything from TV, but this was a real winner.
PS: Your hair care and styling products are also amazing"
- Ellie

"I just wanted to say I bought your Hair Flex Brush many years ago on the Home Shopping network and I decided to see if your product was online. I was greatly surprised and happy to see that it was ! I have thrown out all my other brushes since using the Hair Flex brush. I just LOVE that thing! I bought 2 this time because my husband LOVED it too. Many thanks for your wonderful products!"
- Barbara Ceney-Wolpert

"Hi George,
I think your products are excellent. I can not believe that they really make my hair feel and look so good! I have never tried any product that would make my hair have so much volume and shine. I would recommend these products to anyone. I don't believe I could find anyone who would not love these products."
- Maria

"... I love your products, I wish I would have found them sooner. I have bought every expensive product on the market ,and nothing has worked as well as yours, I can see a difference in my hair, it looks and feels better. I even have my husband using it and he likes it. I could go on and on, but I just wanted to say thank you."
- Kris

I was first introduced to your products in 1975 when I visited your salon in Toulca Lake for a haircut style. I have tried lots of other products over the years, but keep coming back to yours. I have moved out of state and being able to purchase them online is great. I just wanted to say thank you for making such a great product and wish you continued success.
Karen Tice

"Hello George,
I wanted to get back to you and tell you how impressed I am with you and your products. Everything is great - from your advice to the final product. I cannot believe this is the same hair I had when I originally emailed you. I have said for years I wish someone would come out with something that could change the texture of a person's hair. I have said this to hairdressers with no response. I'm not sure how long your products have been out but I had no idea there was anything that could do what yours has done.

I know there are a lot of things on the market that have stated they can tame frizzies and such but they don't. I have used salon products for years and I'm really not even sure why.
I can't honestly say that I've noticed much of a difference between them and what I can buy in the grocery store. Finally I've found the products that really make a difference. I love my hair, thanks to you!"
- Name with held on request

I just wanted to tell you I received my Studio Style Kit today and I am AMAZED! I ordered the studio style hair repair kit with the Over Night Treatment, but haven't even used that yet. I only used the self heating shampoo and conditioner and I felt a difference as soon as I used them! Also, the last time I had my hair cut I found a picture on the internet of Sandra Bullock that I really liked. I searched again today for the same picture (getting haircut tomorrow) and it was on your website. I didn't even realize it when I ordered my shampoo. This cut was wonderful. I have curly hair and it still only took about 10 minutes to style. It's her "new long layered style" picture on your web site. Just wanted to let you know I love, love , love the products and I can't wait to use the "overnight conditioner" tomorrow. I plan to tell all my friends about your products. Actually, I don't think I'll have to tell them. I sure they will notice how shiny and healthy my hair looks now. Thanks much!"
- Eileen Herron

"Dear George,
I just wanted to let you know that I love your products. This is the third order I have placed in a very short period of time. I am purchasing ahead to be sure I have enough on hand. Now that I have tried your special hair products, I can't imagine using anything else. I am probably just one more customer who will be purchasing your product for a long time to come. I appreciate the customer service you give. When I send an inquiry I always get a prompt response. That is important to me also. Thanks again. I am so glad I came upon your web site!"
- Cora Kelley

"My hair, which has been turning to hay since moving to Arizona, really did have shine and body this morning when I washed, conditioned, and styled. I also love both the brushes sent with my products. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for your quality products. I had just about given up hope."
- Patty Burks

"Dear George,
I received my package today. Let me say first that everything about this is VERY professional from the packaging to the literature to the containers themselves. I spent some time in the afternoon reading the papers and instructions. Earlier tonight I tried the products for the first time. Simply put, they are fantastic. The texture and feel of the products are incredible and they left my hair feeling great. I really like the "whipped creme" texture allot. It just feels like something I'd want to put in my hair.
It's not like that goopy, gooey garbage that you get with other shampoos. I really lucked out finding your site. Thank you so much for all your hair advice, everything from styling to care."
- Matt

"Got the package Friday afternoon and it is wonderful! I tried it on my daughter's hair as well and we are sold! In fact I will be looking at the site in a bit to see about the volumizing products. I really like the styling spray too. It is not sticky and when it gets wet it doesn't matte. It is great! Thanks a million!"
- Shara

"Dear George
I wanted to take a minute or two to send you a very special- - "Thank You " for these GREAT hair products. I found your website by accident one night while looking up hairstyles on the internet. Boy am I ever glad I found you. I have short baby-fine and thin hair. Your products have given me a new head of hair. I now can wear the styles I've always just seen in magazines. It's more manageable, shiner, and easier to work with. I especially like the cool down rinse and the gel mousse. Most of the other mousse products I've tried are to sticky and then weight down my hair. Not so, with your products!!!!! I highly RECOMMEND George Carroll to anyone who up until now has had, hard to manage hair. George.......please keep up the good work and congrat's on such a wonderful hair product line. "
- M. Rose, Tracy, CA

"Hi George
When I was doing a net search looking for information on how Jamie Luner did her hair, I never dreamed that I could really have hair like hers. When I saw your ad stating 'click here for products to get this look' I thought yea, right! I have done this so many times only to be disappointed with the end product and results. You, George Caroll, are no disappointment.
Thank you so much!!"
- Kelly

"Dear George,
Thanks for replying. I took your advise and took the plunge with the short cut and it looks fantastic!!! I love it! And it actually compliments my facial structure wonderfully! Never thought I could pull off short hair!! Anyway, thank you for your time with my personal style consultation!!"
- Rene Cooper

Thank you so much for your advice. Did my hair cut last night just as you suggested, and it looks great. Thank you for responding so quickly. I am putting your email in my address book~ feel like we're friends!
Will also put my friends onto your site and fantastic hair products. I love my hair for the first time ever and feel like a star. Thanks a million."
- Anne

"Thank you so much for the style advice! I love the cut on the blonde girl that you sent me the pic of. I think I will go with that hairstyle. I'm not sure if I'm gutsy enough to dye my hair full out blonde or red but ill definitely consider lightening it up with some highlights...I like the 2 tone idea as well. Again, thanks a bunch for your is very much appreciated on my end."
- Ainsley


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