Hair Flex Video Guide
Here you'll find a comprehensive series of video clips designed to show the Hair Flex brush being used in different situations. In each clip, George demonstrates how to use the Hair Flex brush on a different hair style.
George gives a brief overview of the Hair Flex, and its general functionality
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Short Hair style
George shows a few ways the Hair Flex can be used on short hair styles
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Wavy Hair style
Here the Hair Flex is used to straighten out wavy hair.
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Long Hair style
George uses the Hair Flex to add body and wave to a long hair style.
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Medium Length Hair
George uses the HairFlex to style a medium length hair style.
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Brushing Out a Set
Here the Hair Flex is used to brush out hair after being set on rollers.
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Men's Hair style
George shows how the Hair Flex can be used to style men's hair as well.
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